ANX’s PCI in the Franchise System — People, Processes and Technology Webinar

Businesses worry about security breaches but often fail to look at Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance as whole, centering their attention on their technology only. The other two aspects of PCI DSS, people and processes, are ignored, leading the company vulnerable to possible security attacks.

Three Pillars:
+ Technology. Most companies have a secure firewall, and believe that they are PCI compliant. Building a secure network is only one of the twelve requirements of PCI DSS.
+ People. Sensitive data, whether a credit card number or a customer’s address, should be treated like cash. Mishandling=money loss.
+Process. PCI is not a “set it and forget it” process. Implementing regular maintenance and a security policy are part of ongoing process of PCI DSS.

The webcast will explore more of the people and process requirements, and how ANX can quickly implement an all-in-one solution to the three pillars. Having ANX as your PCI DSS solutions frees up resources and ensures that the ever changing security threats are managed.