ElevateIT: DFW Technology Summit 2022 – Keynote Presentation Panel

ElevateIT: DFW Technology Summit 2022 | 5.26.22 | Irving Convention Center

Cybersecurity: Gaps and Predictions for 2022

Moderator: Tera Davis – Managing Partner, CyberOne Security
Richard Murray – Supervisory Special Agent, Dallas FBI
Chris Bates – CISO, SentinelOne
Mike Anderson – CDO, Netskope

Formerly categorized as a necessary overhead expense, cybersecurity has been recategorized as a necessary investment equipped with its own key performance indicators and return on investment (ROI) expectations.

Compliance has become the baseline benchmark from which to build. The focus for Top Executives has shifted to demonstrating value and protecting revenue streams.

Dependence on and expectations from third-party partners have taken center stage to fill many of the cybersecurity gaps including the visibility gap, fragmentation gap, and talent gap.

Top Enterprise Leaders are sifting through and targeting their most prevalent data to feed into third-party tools in order to obtain accurate 360-degree visibility and reduced risk.

The first goal is to reduce overly redundant and outmoded systems that introduce an extra layer of vulnerabilities while reducing costs from their removal. The second goal is to reduce false positives by boosting Automated Software-as-a-Service (ASaaS) with transparency. Viewing components such as vulnerabilities, unpatched systems, and misconfigurations enables prioritization.

The third goal is to acquire the necessary missing elements which can include talent as well as automated tools. What we will see is more open positions for Cybersecurity Architects, Analysts as well as highly skilled Analytics and Sales Engineers provided by third-party partners. With the talent pool being limited and highly competitive, ASaaS accompanied by proven critical thinking analytics skills both internally and from third-party partners will take center stage within key stakeholders’ budgets.

Increased complexity for governance and therefore security professionals especially for the CISO as the Top Enterprise Security Leader is driven by continued demand for “data regulations, expanded data-sovereignty laws, and an increased privacy demand from customers. Duplicating policies, security controls, and frameworks has led to the proliferation of stopgap actions to retrofit data classification and data tagging along with meeting customer expectations.

So, with these overwhelming challenges and complexities, where do we start and how do we plan? First, we begin with compliance as the baseline which will also begin at the endpoint. A priority is the ASaaS gathering of data from multiple data sources while normalizing and standardizing for faster, accurate analysis.

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What do we do with all those legacy systems? How do we deal with disparate and poorly implemented systems? How do we create a nimble, resilient ecosystem? Join these best and brightest third-party leaders speedily creating a path forward for their advice and possible roadmap in an interactive open discussion.