Episode 40: How to position your MSP as THE experts

In this week’s episode Has Coronavirus impacted your MSP? Maybe some clients have wanted to cancel contracts, or perhaps you’ve actually grown due to clients requesting more home-working support. Whatever YOUR experience, it can be useful to hear how other MSPs are getting on and in this week’s episode Paul’s joined by a special guest from Datto to discuss their latest ‘State of the MSP report’ Also this week Paul answers a brilliant question from a listener on how marketing can beat the competition and position yourself as THE expert in your field Plus on the show this week, Paul looks at the link between confidence and competence and why addressing these two factors can improve your team’s performance. Also, Google have sneakily changed things that could affect your search engine optimisation… you need to hear this!Show notes Out every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platform Presented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expert In talking about competence versus confidence, the book The Peter Principle was mentioned by Laurence J Peter Paul mentioned the new Core Web Vitals and other resources including those from Yoast and Moz Register for a free copy of Paul’s book Paul’s special guest was Alan Butler from Datto, talking about their ‘Global State of the MSP’ report Many thanks to Jason Watts from Neveco for the question about becoming seen as THE expert Find out more about Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Edge Paul’s guest on August 25th will be Phil Donoghue from Cloud4 talking about how their cloud business grew from their MSP business You can join Paul in the MSP Marketing group on Facebook Please send any questions, ideally in audio-form (or any other feedback) to hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.comEpisode transcriptionVoiceover:Made in the UK for MSPs around the world. This is Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast.Paul Green:Hello, and welcome to episode 40. I’ve got a cracking one for you today. Here’s what’s coming up.Alan Butler:MSPs that are not traditionally in security, but they have end users asking them to support them, are now considering, how do I do this?Paul Green:I’m also answering a question from an MSP on how to position yourself as the expert in your marketplace. And we’ll look at something very important from Google that you may never have heard of. It’s called Core Web Vitals, and I’ll tell you how it’s going to affect your website’s performance in Google searches.Voiceover:Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Podcast.Paul Green:Take a typical broken tech job that comes into your help desk today. Not something simple like setting up a new user or a password change, but something that actually requires you to use your cognitive skills and your intuition and your years of experience to fix it.Paul Green:Now, let’s imagine that you get the job and one of your newest first-line technicians gets the same job. You both get versions of exactly the same thing, which of you is more likely to tackle that with vigour and with enthusiasm, just know that you can get the job done? Well, you and I would probably suggest it’s you. And I’m assuming that you’re the owner of the business or the manager and that you’ve got quite a few years of technical experience under your belt. So what makes the difference between you and your first line tech that’s perhaps one or two years into their career? Is it just experience or is it confidence?Paul Green:I believe that there is a link between competence and confidence, and the more confident you are about something, typically the more competent you are as well. This comes down to just observing people and watching people as they become more comfortable in workplaces. You and I don’t have jobs, we run our own businesses, but when you do have a job and you start in a job on day one, you can be very competent at what it is that you’re doing, but your confidence can sometimes be a little bit lower because of course you are in new surroundings, you’re working with new people, you’ve got