Get the insights your MSP needs with Pax8’s customisable Executive Dashboard | Tom’s Wingman Tips

In this video, Richard Tubb is given a tour of the Pax8 Executive Dashboard by Solutions Engineer Tom Welton. Tom’s walkthrough shows how an MSP owner can choose to view the latest company data and reports, and see these in graphical form too.

Another feature that’s proved popular with users is the ‘latest news’ section. This highlights the most recent developments from vendors, suppliers, distributors and even from across the channel.

Tom says that MSP users can take the opportunity to learn more about new software and solutions, and the Pax8 team can support with demos or requesting further information.

And, the dashboard is fully customisable too, so you can add your own branding, colours and anything else you want to share. You can add users and manage permissions, and everyone can access the dashboard, regardless of their position in the company.

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0:00 Insight into the Pax8 Executive Dashboard
3:25 Is the Pax8 Executive Dashboard available to everyone?
4:15 The Pax8 Dashboard Sales layout
6:12 How does Pax8 Dashboard give you insights into the rest of the MSP Community?
7:45 The Trending Vendors Pax8 Widget
9:15 How to curate the Pax8 Widgets from scratch

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