How to Franchise My Business

Chris Conner, president of Franchise Marketing Systems (FMS), gives a presentation on the franchise development process. This video discusses the business model of franchising, the process of how to turn your business in a franchise and whether to franchise your business.

1. Who does franchising apply to and what types of businesses can franchise their brand effectively?
2. How does franchising a business allow you to raise capital, retain equity and position your company for a successful exit?
3. How to establish your franchise fees, franchise royalty, franchise marketing fund and franchise territory model.
4. The franchise legal process and necessary franchise regulations specific to franchising your business.
Federal Franchise Legal Overview
State Franchise Registration Overview –
5. The franchise operations and franchise training development process and how to build a franchise support model.
6. The franchise marketing and franchise sales process.
Building your franchise presentation, franchise brochures, discovery day presentation, sales agenda, franchise sales CRM and franchise sales process development
7. Franchise sales process and FDD presentation.
8. The necessary steps to bring your franchise to market and sell franchises of your brand.

Chris Conner has served as President of Franchise Marketing Systems since 2009 and had previously spent almost ten years working with new and existing franchisors to implement franchise development strategies and help entrepreneurs and business owners franchise their business.

To learn more about how to franchise your business, visit the FMS Franchise site: