I Made a Tier List of Dragonflight Tier Lists…

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Hey guys! Recently decided to take a look back as a bit of a joke to see all the incredible tier lists made before this tier started, to see just how accurate (or inaccurate) they really were. And of course the best way to rank these tier lists would be… on a tier list itself! Hope you enjoy!

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Intro: 0:00​​
My Own Tier List: 1:41
Wowhead Raid Dps Tier List: 21:53
Wowhead M+ Dps Tier List: 26:57
Wowhead Raid Healer Tier List: 35:00
Wowhead M+ Healer Tier List: 40:00
Wowhead Raid Tank Tier List: 41:43
Wowhead M+ Tank Tier List: 43:50
Icyveins Tank Tier List: 44:56
Icyveins Healer Tier list: 46:36
Random Youtube Tier Lists: 47:10

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