MSP Business School ep68 – Brett Jaffe, ConnectStrat: Businesses Built on a Better OS

Brett Jaffe of ConnectStrat is a name well known in the MSP industry. In this episode, Brett sits down with Brian and Robb to talk about how ConnectStrat came to be, the methods they use with their clients, and how creating a business operating system unique to the MSP industry has helped countless owners redefine and successfully reach their goals.

1:10 – Brett shares a brief background with us, detailing how he went from successfully running and exiting an MSP to working in the vendor space, and then eventually moving into coaching. He goes into the core reasons he began ConnectStrat and how they’re different from other consulting companies.

8:58 – Brian remarks on the importance of coaches in the MSP community, particularly for companies led by technical owners who may not have as much experience scaling a business or managing people. Robb shares the impact that Brett and other coaches have had on OSR.

11:50 – Robb asks Brett how they help small MSP owners get from level one to level two. Brett stresses the importance of asking yourself as a business owner what it is that you want your business to look like, and starting from there.

14:26 – Brian asks Brett about work/life balance and how he helps MSP owners from reaching the point of burnout. Brett shares his philosophy, saying that an owner should ultimately shape their business around the life they want, not sacrifice their life in an endless pursuit of something in the future.

19:58 – Brett shares which conferences listeners will be able to find him attending and speaking at this fall. Robb asks Brett to elaborate on the Three C’s they use to evaluate employees and prospective employees, and Brett closes out by reminding us that if you manage your people effectively you’ll rarely have to fire anyone.

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