MSP: Co-Managed IT options

Hey so you’re the internal IT person, by the way I talked to the CEO on Tuesday about this, and you need some help.

‍ And it could be because IT is not appreciated.

‍ It could be because you don’t have the right skill set, you don’t have the right tools, you’d like to take a vacation, in case of a one person band.

‍ So co-managed IT might be an appropriate fit for you but what does that actually mean and what are the options?

‍ So right now I want to tell you about really the three models of co-managed IT that are available and almost everyone’s opportunities fall under these.

‍ One is subscription, that’s really where you’re using a third party to purchase your subscriptions, whether it be 365, Azure, AWS, whatever the like.

‍ The second is silo, that’s where you’re essentially contracting a subset of your IT, it could be B.I., S.Q.L., Administration, Oracle Administration, Business Continuity, it could be your Backups, Cloud, whatever.

‍ But you’re subcontracting a specific subset of your IT to that third party and they’re taking all responsibility there.

‍ And then the third is what I call Co-MITs, which is co-managed IT services and that’s where we take the stamps, software, tools, methodologies, portals, all those pieces parts, which we’re already using to do this and give them to you as part of the agreement so you and your team can be just as effective as us.

‍ And we can even slice it down so that we’ll take on a subset of the IT, such as the servers or the desktops, end users, whatever.

‍ But the bottom line is, in all of these, it’s a co-managed operation, meaning that you’re part of the solution, you’re part of the team, you’re leading the charge, because after all, you’re the internal IT support, we’re just your partner.

‍ You want to know more about co-managed IT services?

‍ In the comments I put a link to an hour long webinar we just did recently that goes in depth into all the aspects of co-managed IT.

‍ It’s not a sales pitch, although.

‍ You probably know by now, Simple-IT, we lead the charge when it comes to co-managed IT services and we’ve literally written the only two books on the topic, “MSP Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT Services” which helps MSPs develop their own program, and for you, “I Don’t Want Your Job Is Co-managed IT Services the Right Fit For You?”

‍ Want to know more, email me or DM me.

‍ Let’s talk.

‍ So which model’s best for you?

‍ Comments below.

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