MSP – Managed Services Marketing Reviews Part 1

Managed Service Providers looking to engage with CMO and Marketers. Lessons to learn and how to protect your business. Read more below …..

Part #2:

Some background:
We found Wes Blackwell, Blackwell Consulting from The Tech Tribe forums where he wrote a very impressive proposal.
We decided to both fly in on a Saturday to the GiaSpace Office as he requested.
We spent a full day reviewing financials and the types of clients we support. What has worked and not worked in the past..
We ended the day with the next step was for GiaSpace to supply some competitor info so Wes can prepare an SOW.

Scope of work and gameplan:
The scope that Wes drafted was very basic and had no research or metrics.
He did not research our competitors or review the Adword campaigns we used.

His plan was to create 3 things:
● Referral Network
● Business Partnerships
● Google Search Ads

What we learned:
There is no need to fly someone in to learn your business for the day.
When asking what a retainer would look like and did not get a straight answer, do not proceed.
If a Marketing company is asking for a fee out of the gate to learn your business, they are not a fit.
Hire an MSP-specific marketer who knows your business.
If you are going to pay agency prices, hire an agency.
During your due diligence process, if you do not find any referrals or websites, most likely this marketer is not a company. Marketers like to Market themselves.
During the discovery, if you feel you are being asked questions that are specific to your pain point and they use them to close you, You are hiring a salesperson that just sold you.

We offered to split the 5k deposit as we both are not a fit nor would we pay 120k a year for this type of service he was offering. Wes has since removed the videos he used to communicate with us and has not been responsive. We will fight the charge with AMEX which he will lose 100% verse 50%.