NHL 20 – Los Angeles Kings Franchise Mode #21 “Best In The West?”

Despite some unfortunate moves, things are looking pretty good in LA.

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General Rules
1. Morale on
2. Injuries on
3. FOW on, except player role for the sake of seeing if the AI needs help.
4. Players can’t be played below their current role.
5. Goals For The Season

– Three objectives per year, as decided by the comment section. Fail one? Give up a C level prospect (Med Top 9 F/Med Top 6 D) or third round pick. Fail two? Give up a B level prospect (Med Top 6 F/Med Top 4 D) or a second round pick. Fail all three? Give up a A level prospect (Med Elite) or a 1st round pick.

Draft Rules
1. Only allowed 7 draft picks per draft
2. No more than two picks in the same round.
3. Can only trade up once, can only trade down once.
4. No amateur scouts allowed.
5. Must choose from the next seven players in line without scrolling.
6. Must pick one of each forward position, two defenseman and a goalie. One free pick allowed.

Trade Rules
1. Trade has to make sense for the AI, can’t abuse broken values. Basically, if I wouldn’t take that trade as the other GM, I can’t do it.
2. Can only trade away a player through the trade finder.
3. Can only acquire one AI draft pick per trade, unless the AI offers the trade.
4. Can only trade away picks from the next two years.
5. If a player is on the last year of their contract with a NTC, and we’re out of the playoffs, we spin the wheel to see if they waive the clause to go to a current playoff team.

Free Agency/Resign Phase
1. One signing for each position (F,D,G) can be current talent or prospect during free agency
2. Allowed to fill out roster during free agency with no restrictions after one month.
3. Allowed to do the .85% trick, unless it pushes someone into a different NMC/NTC bracket.
4. Have to let players who don’t want to re-sign go.
5. For contract duration, I’m only allowed to lower or higher by one year above asking price.
6. We spin the wheel to decide NTC/NMC. It is spun before the contract is offered.
7. NTC/NMC is for UFA players only.
8. If a player gets a NMC, I have to stay loyal for half the contract minimum. The wheel spin is for the remaining years.

NTC (3-25 team list. Going in reverse order of the standing)
NMC (Can’t be traded, can’t be sent down)

2.5-5.24M spins for an NTC. First spin is to determine the amount of years in which it’s active, 1-8 depending on the contract length. Second spin is to determine the amount of teams on the list.

5.25M and up spins for a NMC clause. Have to stay loyal for half the contract. Spin is for the remaining years. Either it goes to a NTC, or I’m free from any clauses. Including Santa.

Current NMC/NTC
Doughty (NMC until 2024-25. 7 team trade to list from there)

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