Startup Business Plan – Executive Summary Section

What you really need in the Executive Summary of your startup business plan. (Because as an entrepreneur – you don’t have time to waste!)

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Startup Business Plan – EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
The first section of your business plan is the last thing you write. You may think you know what’s going into your plan, but until you work through it, you really don’t. Write this section last!

These instructional videos use Tom & Jerry as example entrepreneurs launching a fictional company. They explain what key elements need to be included in the plan, and takes advice from Dragnet’s Joe Friday on what to leave out. (Just the facts, ma’am.)

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-Video 2: Executive Summary & Business Description
-Video 3: Product/Service Description
-Video 4: Marketing Strategy
-Video 5: Operations
-Video 6: Financial Summary
-Video 7: Executive Summary (redux) (THIS VIDEO)