Top 10 Favorite Movie Franchises of All-Time

Theses are my Top 10 Favorite Movie Franchises of All-Time, and today I am giving you the big blockbuster movie franchises that mean the most to me! Whether it be nostalgia or just pure entertainment, I am so excited to share my Best and Favorite Movie Franchises. I am ranking more less based on quality and more based on enjoyment, but both will be factored in. From the Lord of the Rings Franchise (Middle Earth), to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the Dark Knight trilogy, to Mission Impossible, to Toy Story, to the DCEU, to X Men, to Star Wars, to Alien, to Back to the Future, etc. What are your Top Movie Franchises of all time? Leave your comments to be featured at the start of my NEXT big ranking, which is the top Box Office films Ranked (coming soon).

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Intro – 0:00
Honorable Mentions – 1:06
Number 10 – 5:14
Number 9 – 6:57
Number 8 – 8:17
Number 7 – 9:24
Number 6 – 10:32
Number 5 – 12:00
Number 4 – 13:22
Number 3 – 14:43
Number 2 – 16:56
Number 1 – 18:51

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